List of Wellber no Monogatari Sisters of Wellber Episodes

Wellber no Monogatari Sisters of Wellber

Other name: Wellber no Monogatari Sisters of Wellber


Ten years after the great battle, tensions were rising inside the country of Wellber, which was barely capable of maintaining peace with its neighboring country, Sangatras, as war may break out at any time. To prevent conflict, King Haidel of Wellber decided to marry off his daughter, Princess Rita, to Sangatras' Prince Guernia. Rita, on the other hand, stabbed her groom-to-be and fled. Sangatras' King Ranbahnhof, enraged, threatens war unless Rita is apprehended and publicly killed within 14 days. Rita resolves to travel to the neutral country of Greedom in order to prevent the worst-case situation. Meanwhile, Tina, a lady thief, is sneaking into Castle Wellber in search of its valuables when she witnesses Rita stabbing Guernia. Whether