List of VanDread the Second Stage Episodes

VanDread the Second Stage

Other name: VanDread the Second Stage


Despite the fact that Hibiki and his crew repulsed a super-sized earth battleship in the first stage's final level, they discovered five more battleships targeted for Mejeiru and Tarahk. The crew of the NIRVANA also realized that their homes, Tarahk and Mejeiru, had been impacted by the Karitori disaster (reaping). The journey to their home is sped up so that they may report the situation. On the voyage, the current earth information provided by Misty, the girl who had traveled along with them, was far worse than they had anticipated. Hibiki and his soldiers predicted that a genuine fight would erupt soon. VANDREAD is transformed into the ultimate system by the onslaught of the opponent, who becomes progressively aggressive. Will they be able to preserve their lives?