List of Tower Of Druaga-the Aegis of URUK Episodes

Tower Of Druaga-the Aegis of URUK

Other name: Tower Of Druaga-the Aegis of URUK


Every few years, it is stated that the "Summer of Anu" occurs, during which all of the demons in the tower lose their strength due to the supernatural protection of the sky-god Anu. Uruk has launched an invasion on the tower in an attempt to expel the demons. They've taken up positions inside the tower, with the goal of reaching the higher floors. The Uruk army recognizes that it is the third Summer of Anu, the ideal season to begin an expedition to finally extinguish the monster Druaga. However, the army men are not the only ones in the tower. Meskia, a whole city, has sprung up on the first floor of the tower. It serves as a host.