List of Time Bokan Gyakushuu no San Akunin Episodes

Time Bokan Gyakushuu no San Akunin

Other name: Time Bokan Gyakushuu no San Akunin


Bimajo, Tsubuyakky, and Suzukky work for the History Paradise Company, which produces textbooks in the twenty-fourth century, and they're also the villainous trio, Akudama, who come in the way of JKK's historical research! They were on a long but brief break (unpaid, of course) after their last battle in history with JKK officers Tokio and Calen when they finally received a fresh mission from their mystery master. The task at hand... was to amass the mysterious Dynamonds from well-known figures throughout history. Akudama begins hopping around time in the sequence given, attempting to obtain the Dynamonds from various historical individuals. The villainous trio's time-traveling revenge mission was about to begin once more!!