List of Tales of the Abyss Episodes

Tales of the Abyss

Other name: Tales of the Abyss


The Score, a sequence of prophesies from millennia before that define the planet's future, binds the world of Auldrant. It is seen as an absolute fate by which everyone lives, including those whose activities result in carnage and sorrow. A battle between the country of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and the Malkuth Empire is conducted using magical talents known as the Fonic Arts in the hopes of bringing the Score's anticipated paradise to reality. Tales of the Abyss depicts Luke von Fabre, who is imprisoned in his mansion after being kidnapped as a youngster and losing memories. A lady named Tear seeks to murder his instructor one day when he is practicing his swordsmanship. Luke protects him, but the fight culminates in the two being transferred to a different location.