List of Pokemon Movie 21 Minna no Monogatari Episodes

Pokemon Movie 21 Minna no Monogatari

Other name: Pokemon Movie 21 Minna no Monogatari


Satoshi travels to Fura City to attend the annual Wind Festival as he continues his quest to become a Pokémon Master. Satoshi and Pikachu are fired up and motivated to win the festival's Get Race. Meanwhile, at the request of his niece Lily, Kagachi, a show-off and chronic liar, enters the tournament. Despite having no understanding of Pokémon, he strikes a deal with a socially awkward scientist named Torito in return for assistance with his impending speech. Satoshi encounters Risa, an ex-regional track and field champion trying to capture a Pokémon, after Kagachi's triumph. During Torito's speech, Team Rocket strikes and steals a capsule from his lab.