List of Persona 5 the Animation Episodes

Persona 5 the Animation

Other name: Persona 5 the Animation


Ren Amamiya, a new transfer student at Shujin Academy, is transferred to Tokyo to live with his family friend Sojiro Sakura after being wrongfully placed on probation for protecting a woman from sexual assault. Ren finds a weird app on his phone on his way to his first day at his new school, sending him to a place known as the Metaverse, which features people's "shadows": distorted portrayals of their genuine selves. He awakens his Persona in the Metaverse, a force from inside that gives him the strength to confront the darkness. He organizes the Phantom Thieves of Hearts with the aid of other unhappy pupils, aiming to free others from their immoral inclinations by "stealing their heart," creating evildoers.