List of Pandora to Akubi Episodes

Pandora to Akubi

Other name: Pandora to Akubi


Collaboration between XFLAG and Tatsunoko Production. The character Akubi is based on the 1969 anime Hakushon Daimaou, in which Akubi-chan appears as the daughter of the title genie character Hakushon. The series celebrates its 50th anniversary this October. Pandora, on the other hand, is a "girl of wishes" from the Monster Strike smartphone game. The anime is described as "combat entertainment for girls" by XFLAG and Tatsunoko Production. Along during the ride are characters from other Tatsunoko franchises like as Gatchaman, Yatterman, Mach GoGoGo, Oraa Guzura Dado, Ippatsu Kanta-kun, and others.