List of Musekinin Galaxy Tylor Episodes

Musekinin Galaxy Tylor

Other name: Musekinin Galaxy Tylor


The journey, set in the far future, begins when a boy meets a special female. The Pan Galaxy Republic, like all empires, has declined. As a result, people throughout the galaxy were dispersed. Banjou, who picks up rubbish at the circular wall and lives on the tranquil side of their world, encountered a girl who was frozen in a wrecked starship. There are evil men chasing her, and the tranquil galaxy has suddenly become bustling. He had no idea that the frozen girl was Goza 168th, the key that would determine the fate of the entire universe. Overcoming adversity, the two set out on a journey to resurrect the Galaxy Republic. It may be a challenging task, but that's fine; let's go on.