List of Munou na Nana Episodes

Munou na Nana

Other name: Munou na Nana


Fifty years ago, horrible monsters branded "enemy of humanity" arose all across the earth. To confront these dangers, youths with supernatural skills known as "Talents," such as pyrokinesis and time travel, train in an academy on a remote island. Nanao Nakajima, on the other hand, is unlike the others on the island in that he lacks Talent. With so many "talented" teens surrounding him, Nanao is frequently bullied, yet he still works to complete his training. Soon later, two transfer students join the class: the mysterious Kyouya Onodera and the mind-reading Nana Hiiragi. But, just as everyone begins to merge as comrades-in-arms, inexplicable disappearances threaten the whole structure of the class.