List of Monogatari Series: Second Season Episodes

Monogatari Series: Second Season

Other name: Monogatari Series: Second Season


Tsubasa Hanekawa, the group's modest genius; Shinobu Oshino, the resident doughnut-loving vampire; athletic deviant Suruga Kanbaru; bite-happy spirit Mayoi Hachikuji; Koyomi's cutesy stalker Nadeko Sengoku; and Hitagi Senjogahara, the poignant tsundere continue to manifest around Koyomi Araragi and his close-knit group The Monogatari Series: Second Season centres around these characters and their effort to resist the impending darkness. A new semester has begun, and with graduation looming, Araragi must make rapid decisions about the pathways he will take, as well as the connections and friends he will save. However, when weird events unfold, Araragi is unable to be seen, and a violent tiger apparition appears in his place.