List of Magic Kaito Episodes

Magic Kaito

Other name: Magic Kaito


Everyone understands that magic does not exist. Magic, on the other hand, has the capacity to astound and amaze its audience when done by a real professional. Kaito Kuroba, the son of world-famous stage magician Touichi Kuroba, is well aware of this. Kaito, who is skilled in the arts of deceit and misdirection, constantly upsets the lives of people around him with spectacular tricks and pranks. However, when Kaito inadvertently uncovers a hidden passage in his home, he learns a mystery that may have been the cause of his father's murder eight years ago—the dove-white clothing of Kid the Phantom Thief. Kaito dons the clothing and looks for the Pandora Gem, which is claimed to provide immortality, in order to learn more about his father.