List of Kamisama ni Natta Hi Episodes

Kamisama ni Natta Hi

Other name: Kamisama ni Natta Hi


Hina Satou, dressed in a prominent clothing and equipped with an unusual spirit, walks around saying that she is the Asgardian deity "Odin." When she meets a kid called Youta Narukami, she utilizes her precognition talents to warn him about an approaching disaster that threatens the end of the world. But, as a troubled adolescent, Youta finds such a ridiculous notion difficult to accept. He observes the efficiency of Hina's powers with his own eyes and concludes that she actually is capable of divination after being compelled to tag along with her shenanigans. Nonetheless, despite her determination to be a deity, Hina is still a kid who longs to see and experience the beauties that life has to offer.