List of Initial D Fifth Stage Episodes

Initial D Fifth Stage

Other name: Initial D Fifth Stage


The drivers of Project D—an amateur street driving organization directed by ex-street driver and skilled strategist Ryousuke Takahashi—Takumi Fujiwara and Keisuke Takahashi now have to take Project D to the next level: the Kanagawa prefecture, generally recognized as the holy region of street racing. Their opponents, members of Kanagawa's three greatest street racing teams, devise an intricate strategy known as the "Four Lines of Defense" to put an end to Project D's goals. Meanwhile, Takumi believes he has to improve his driving talents in order to overcome the narrow victory over Toshiya Joushima. The moment of truth has arrived for Project D, which carries with it the hopes of the Gunma Prefecture; will they manage to thwart the surprising tactics of the skilled street racers of Kanagawa?