List of Idol Master Xenoglossia Episodes

Idol Master Xenoglossia

Other name: Idol Master Xenoglossia


The Moon was destroyed 107 years ago in a tremendous disaster that smashed Earth's former satellite into 81 quintillion tons of orbital debris. However, owing to super-science, the Earth was preserved, and no one now recalls the century-old calamity. As a result, when young Haruka Amami auditions for the Idolmaster Project, she BELIEVES she's auditioning to be a singing idol. Instead, Haruka ends herself in a Mondenkind Agency-run secret school, where she lives with a group of young girls who have also been chosen as candidates to operate an iDOL - a sophisticated robot particularly built to catch falling fragments of moon rock. The folks who operate the Mondenkind Agency, on the other hand, aren't exactly knights in shining armor.