List of Haikyuu!! Movie 4 Concept no Tatakai Episodes

Haikyuu!! Movie 4 Concept no Tatakai

Other name: Haikyuu!! Movie 4 Concept no Tatakai


The long-awaited Spring Tournament finals for Karasuno High School's volleyball squad have come. The match winner will represent all of Miyagi Prefecture at the National Tournament. The final obstacle Karasuno must conquer is defeating Shiratorizawa Academy, which is home to Wakatoshi Ushijima, one of Japan's top three aces. Shiratorizawa has held the Miyagi title for the previous three years, and Karasuno appears to have little chance of dethroning them. When the rival school's captain, Ushijima, taunts Karasuno in front of them, freshmen Shouyou Hinata and Tobio Kageyama vow to defeat them and steal their place in the nationals. The erstwhile flightless crows will have to use everything they have against a team consisting of nationally ranked athletes.