List of Godzilla 3 Hoshi wo Kuu Mono Episodes

Godzilla 3 Hoshi wo Kuu Mono

Other name: Godzilla 3 Hoshi wo Kuu Mono


A golden seal shatters a star as a door opens. It is the early twenty-first century. Godzilla has defeated humanity in the struggle for planet Earth, and humanity has fled to the stars in quest of a new home. However, their quest is futile, forcing them and their extraterrestrial companions to return to Earth. However, 20,000 years have passed while they were gone, and the Earth is a very different world. Godzilla is now embodied and served by the planet's vegetation and animals. Earth is a monster's world, governed by the biggest Godzilla ever, standing 300 meters tall. Godzilla's home planet. Captain Haruo, the human protagonist, longs to vanquish Godzilla and reclaim the earth for humanity. There, he meets the Houtua tribe, primitive ancestors of the human race.