List of Bottle Fairy Episodes

Bottle Fairy

Other name: Bottle Fairy


Binzume Yousei is a slice-of-life fairy tale set in 2004 that focuses on four fairies, each symbolized by four distinct colors as seen through their magical bottle jars. These fairies are the exuberant Kururu, the restrained and feminine Chiriri, the samurai-obsessed tomboy Sarara, and the calm and eccentric Hororo. Fascinated by the human world, these fairies came from the fairy kingdom in the hopes of taking part in the yearly festivities and general way of life. They, on the other hand, have a very limited awareness of the human world. Fortunately, they are befriended and led by two humans: "Sensei-san," a university student with whom they reside, and "Tama-chan," a first-grade girl who is sometimes as innocent as the fairies themselves.