List of Black Blood Brothers (Dub) Episodes

Black Blood Brothers (Dub)

Other name: Black Blood Brothers (Dub)


During the Hong Kong Crusade, an Old Blood vampire named Jiro Mochizuki, also known as the Silver Blade (Gint), battled and destroyed the Kowloon king and the majority of the Kowloon Children. Ten years later, Jiro travels to Hong Kong with his younger brother, Kotaro Mochizuki, in the hopes of finding The Special Zone, a bustling underground metropolis teeming with vampires (which is separate from the human civilized parts of the city). They quickly understand that the Kowloon Children survivors are hatching a scheme to infiltrate the Special Zone. As they go to The Special Zone, Jiro confronts old foes as well as new challenges that may jeopardize the Special Zone's safety, including the residents. The kidnapping of Kotaro by one of the Kowloon Children sends shockwaves across the community.